Team Building at its Best!

Coach Mike Krzyzewski
is undoubtedly one of the best coaches
in American basketball history.

If you are looking for an edge
in your leadership style & coaching prowess,
this is a book you must read!

Hello Coach,

If you are looking for simple and straight forward examples on how to build your ultimate team and enhance your leadership ability, The Gold Standard by Coach K is for you.

In this book are excerpts that you can utilize to create and build the team you desire.

Quote from Mike Krzyzewski - The Gold Standard
"Because I have been a coach for the majority of my life, I am often asked, 'How do you build a team?' This book is my response to that question."

Coach K brilliantly lays out several examples of how he builds a successful team - Olympic success, Duke success and business success.

Regardless of your chosen field, these principles apply to all leadership situations. If you are charged with leading, empowering or motivating others you will find great strategies for doing so inside.

Quote from Mike Krzyzewski - The Gold Standard
"...teams don't instantaneously become, they evolve. To do so, you need time, goals and competition."

Coach K has a very interesting approach to time. For example, time does not simply refer to the time in the day - time refers to quality time as well as moments in time.

His examples of special moments in time and how these contribute to team building success alone are worth the price of admission.

Quote from Mike Krzyzewski - The Gold Standard
"The single most important factor in bringing a team together is..........."

Coach K goes into detail on what this most important factor is and provides practical examples on how you can incorporate this into building your successful team.

You will be more aware of when, how and why you will incorporate this factor with your teams after you read all about it!

Quote from Mike Krzyzewski - The Gold Standard
"From now on when I am asked how to build a team, I know exactly the story I will tell."

This inspiring, practical and educational account provided by Coach K is sure to produce positive results for you and your team - whatever your team happens to be - sport, business, education and more.

To order The Gold Standard by Mike Krzyzewski click on The Gold Standard link (picture) below or at the top of the page.

Yours in Sport & Leadership,

Mark Hogan
ProCoach Basketball


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